Why My Black Card Was Revoked

After I boiled this last Roger Wood sausage and was about to eat it, I looked into the pot at the greasy ass water and realized how much I loathe sausage....and soul food! What do some Black people see in this shit?! I never understood soul food! Yeah, my Black Card has been revoked since the 2nd grade when I refused to eat chitterlings & fried chicken.

I spoke a little bit about this subject on my podcast, The Gigi Nero Show. https://anchor.fm/thegigineroshow/episodes/Ep-6-Black-Oppressors-e1ottl/a-a49utk

My Black Card had been declined. I tried to make a transaction by swiping it, but, "buzz", my card has been declined. I'm too light skinned: so some Blacks say. I don't speak ebonics or slang, I'm not hood. I'm not ghetto. I don't eat a lot of fried foods. I very seldom eat pork. I may eat ribs, bacon, ham, or porkchops; all baked or grilled.. I don't like watermelon. I hate grits and rice. I don't understand country grammar (geechy/gullah) nor do I speak it; although I was raised in the south. I always got beat up by Blacks. I'm a lesbian. I don't go to church service; so I'm considered a heathen. The list continues,

The Black race is the worst race of people I have ever met! They judge and shame other Blacks, but, want other races to be good to them. Here is an example. Blacks blame the Black LGBTQ+ community for ruining the Black race. No, straight Black people having babies with multiple Black sex partners are ruining the Black race. (Blacks who don't know who your parents are, you have my deepest sympathy.) No, straight Black people killing Black people is ruining the Black race. I strongly believe that straight Black people fear the Black LGBTQ+s because they feel if all Blacks were gay, that would be the end of the Black race. Yes, that is probable, but, highly unlikely to happen. With that being said, guess who adopts your Black babies, if you haven't killed them all? The LGBTQ+ community of any race adopts them because you don't want them! So, please, world, embrace us as you feel sorry for us. So, are we clear on that?

Stop judging & shaming Blacks for being LGBTQ+. Stop judging & shaming Blacks for going outside of their race to find happiness. Stop judging and shaming Blacks on petty shit. Instead, judge and shame the Blacks that fight & kill Blacks. Judge and shame yourselves on your intentions. Because, truly, they (and you) are the Blacks ruining the Black race.

My Black Card was declined because my Black Card was revoked. I continuously tell Blacks about themselves. They don't like me because I tell them how I feel. I constantly yell & curse at Blacks and it hurts their itty bitty feelings. That is definitely against the unwritten rules, because, that is an example of Black on Black crime. In case you didn't understand that last sentence, I was being sarcastic & ironic. Get over yourselves. And, Support Black owned businesses! Not supporting your BOBs is ruinging your community! Stop blaming gentrification on the White man. Stop fucking up your neighborhoods & maybe they won't take over it. Stop selling your properties to them and sell to other Blacks. Maybe put your money together & preserve your community instead of buying high priced material things to impress people. Oh, I'm judging & shaming Blacks? I learned it best from Blacks.